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New and Exciting Changes Are On Their Way!

     October has been an extremely busy month at SOM Footwear. We've been hard at work so we can share the exciting news of our soon to be released NEW MODEL SP-L2 and its corresponding KICKSTARTER Campaign!


SP-L2: Our Rising Star

                                           American made sneakers by SOM Footwear.

     It's almost here, and we've been chomping at the bit to finally be able to share it with you. Our SP-L2 model includes all the same comfort features of the SP-L plus some extra awesomeness. We wanted to take the solid design we created and improve upon it as much as possible to make a shoe that's even more comfortable and versatile than before. We've incorporated an additional layer of EVA between the Vibram and construction sole of the shoe. This new feature provides a subtle, yet noticeable extra cushioning which allows more forgiveness on tough terrain without compromising the barefoot feel. We've also added an additional leather strip to provide extra eyelet reinforcement while also making the shoes look even more sophisticated. We want you to feel good AND look good!

SOM: Leading in Innovation

     SOM, at its core, is innovation. Taking our ideas and making them a reality is what we're best at. We're asking absolutely everyone, especially our customers and biggest fans, to help support us in our Kickstarter Campaign. This will help fuel SOM's innovation and quality production far into the future. Kickstarter is a platform which allows fans and supporters of our products to pledge money to help us grow and receive gifts back as a thanks. For those unfamiliar with Kickstarter, visit our page [HERE] to learn how you can help and support us. The premise is relatively simple…simply select the Rewards Package based on the amount you want to pledge (located along the right side of the Kickstarter page) and Kickstarter walks you through the check out process, it's very similar to any other online transaction.

     As a special bonus of subscribing to our newsletter, you hear about it first! We want to let you know we have a limited number of Kickstarter Reward Packages with shoes priced at 10% OFF RETAIL and domestic shipping included! We urge you to support us and get your hands on a specially discounted pair of brand new, SP-L2's. Be one of the first to enjoy them, and your feet will thank you later!

Looking Towards the Future

     SOM Footwear has big plans for the future. Our business has been growing along with the positive customer feedback. Thank you, sincerely, for your feedback, for being loyal customers and joining us in this exciting and innovative endeavor together! We have plans for new colors, sizes, and different styles. We will continue to send updates and bring the innovation of SOM Footwear to you. Tell your friends and family about our awesome shoes, and invite them to join “Another American Revolution”.


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