Treat your feet well and trust them!

A message from SOM Footwear shoemaker.

No one was ever born with arch support, air-cushioning, a rocking sole, or any of the other gimmicks that are too often integrated into shoes. You can trust your feet to do the work for which they are designed by nature. They propel us forward, absorb shocks, and help to keep us balanced. And they always will, as long as we keep them healthy and strong.

A healthy and strong foot means no shortened Achilles tendon caused by elevated heels, no hammertoes caused by a narrow toebox, no weak arch caused by an arch support, no weak ankle caused by a cushioned heel… etc, the list can go on and on. Dr. Ray McClanahan talks extensively about all kinds of foot issues on his website, where you can also find his tricks and tips to help heal feet.

Some people are convinced they have to have an arch support in their shoes. I don’t argue but I always ask these same questions: were you born with an arch support? Of course, the answer is always no. So, what happened?

One day I received a phone call from a foot doctor who asked me what my background in biomechanics was. I thought that was a very good question, and I replied that at SOM Footwear, we design and manufacture our shoes with three things in mind: the natural foot, simplicity, and no interference! A simple shoe that doesn’t interfere with the form and motion of the foot allows it to function naturally. We design and manufacture our shoes to be as close as possible to being barefoot. That’s why SOM shoes have a roomy toebox and a flexible flat sole. The roomy toebox allows the toes to spread and provide a good balance. The flexible flat sole provides the natural feel of being barefoot and lets the foot do what it’s supposed to do.

Being healthy starts from the ground up!

Trust your feet and treat them right!

Being foot healthy starts from the ground up!

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