SOM Footwear has been on a race for two and a half years.  The finish line is a manufacturing facility running with all the necessary equipment and an awesome crew!  We hope that we are at the last stretch, a bit out of breath, but so generously cheered by each and every one of you!

We hesitated a long time before preparing this communication with you, but we felt it was important to share some of the surprises (and roadblocks!) we’ve encountered with our most loyal supporters.

Last summer, we faced delay after delay with the shipping of the equipment.  First it was in June, then it was pushed to September, and then finally, the end of October.

Two days prior to receiving the equipment, our deal on a vintage building in our own town fell through.  Keeping on our toes, we turned around to find a new venue within 10 days to relocate.

When we finally moved in, with the equipment, our electrician visited to prepare the proper wiring the machine required. But we hit another snag when we learned that the equipment was not certified properly for North America!  After a great deal of research on our part, we discovered that our vendor is the only one who doesn’t know about UL ratings.  Even his competitors would never dare to ship without the proper labeling.

As a result, we are behind schedule, waiting for the 3rd party inspector to test our machine, and attribute the proper label rating so we can hook up, which is scheduled for early February.  In the best case scenario, we’ll have a technician right after to fire up the machines and give us the proper training to operate them.

Patience is certainly a virtue, but it helps that we are not alone!

Without knowing anything about our challenges, many of you whom we have never met, as well as many of our friends, are behind the scenes sending support and encouragements here and there. YOU are what makes us keep it kind of “Zen” through this long process.  Without you tapping on our shoulder, this whole story would have been more difficult!  We appreciate your patience more than ever, and we thank you for  your support to SOM Footwear! 

We look forward to serving you - and your feet! – with innovative SOM Footwear.
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