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The SOM sneaker has a unique look. “Out of the box” is how some hint that the sneakers are distinctive; some comment, that they can see a European or futuristic flair. My mother, after trying on the SP-L DAYBREAK at this weekend’s final Main in Motion, shrieks “Donald Duck shoes”.

American made sneakers by SOM Footwear.

 It’s known that dark colors make things look smaller and light colors the opposite; SOM sneakers create the optical illusion, due to the dark colored tongue that runs down the center, of a more narrow foot, despite their spacious toe-box. This feature works, even in the larger sizes; it helps to see the effect from another perspective, for instance from a side mirror or full body camera angle.Which seems to be longer to you, the vertical or horizontal?Surprise!!! They are in fact the same exact size. Interesting huh?

A Color like SP-L DAYBREAK is characterized by an uplifting light yellow. DAYBREAK is reminiscent of the first rays of sun in the Western Slope of Colorado, so it’s easy to respect the fact that not everyone can be a “morning person” or wear this color on their feet as gracefully as Donald. 

We added our color descriptions to our sneakers this week for better distinction and to pay homage to our beautiful and inspiring state. The SP-L ROCKIES, has been the most popular choice thus far. The SP-L ROCKIES dons a determined and strong front, created in the same distinctive grey color as the igneous rocks that are part of the Rocky Mountain majesties. This color complements people of solid stature and disposition.

This CAM-L BLUE LAKES is a cutting edge, almost futuristic turn for active footwear, from what I have seen. The black colored exterior cradles a vertical blue stripe, like the mountain river, that feeds the Blue Lakes here in Colorado. A breathtaking hike if you have not already experienced it. 

This leads us to the CAM-L COLORADO, a color as passionate as the people who live here.Named after the reddish color, common in our mineral rich streams; these sneakers are the nature-bound equivalent to wearing that red power tie. 

We loved seeing everyone this last weekend, from our family and friends to neighborhood store owners!

Thank you all for coming out and getting involved in our TEST-DRIVE!

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