Nutrail Air: Lightweight Trainers for Longer-lasting Workouts

For high-energy activities, footwear is an athlete's greatest asset, and the lightweight materials that go into their footwear make all the difference in achieving longer, more satisfying workouts.

The materials chosen for our footwear represent SOM’s pledge to strengthen feet through American-made fabrication and barefoot-inspired design. Our soles are made to balance steps. Our toe boxes are shaped for toes to spread. Every decision crafted into our shoes comes with your feet in mind, and when it’s time for a new release, we challenge ourselves to improve on the past and innovate for the future.

The Nutrail Air trainer, in gray and limited edition red, incorporates our passion for healthy footwear with a flex mesh material that brings new levels of stretch and breath to your active routines.

Same strength. Greater movement.

Made in the USA, the flex mesh in the Nutrail Air matches the abrasion-resistant durability of our SuperFabric models, like the Trailhead and Cross Sport, while providing new levels of lightness and stretch. Its permeable woven structure allows for greater air circulation and a wider-range of flexibility. While the rest of you is sweating, your feet have room to breathe.

Lightweight Importance

Shoes can be so automatic; we put them on without considering the weight we’re tying to our feet. According to, the average men’s shoe weighs “about 2.5 to 3 pounds”, and the average women’s shoe weighs “between 2 to 2.5 pounds.” When they looked at larger boots, weights can reach “6 pounds.” Those amounts may sound small, but when considering the number of steps we take each day, the weight adds up.

The Nutrail Air (men’s size 9 and women’s size 10.5) weighs 8.95 ounces.

Lightness means flexibility, and flexibility means your footwear moves how you want to move, not the other way around. SOM Footwear disappears on your feet, and with the enhanced breathability of the Nutrail Air, your toes will thank you for the unrestrained breeze. 

Footwear with Purpose

We design shoes to fill a purpose rather than clog a catalog. Norwood Classic fits the office. Trailhead is perfect for (you guessed it) the trail. HiLite in Black has mid top support. Our shoemaker wanted a new design that catered to the CrossFit community—a shoe with weightlifting and high-intensity training in mind. From that inspiration, SOM’s first CrossFit-inspired shoe was born.

Trainers for Training

CrossFitters need footwear that doesn’t hold them back. Footwear that firmly plants them to the ground when hundreds of pounds are overhead. SOM shoes balance strength and agility naturally, without elevated heels, over-engineered cushion, or tapered toe boxes. The Nutrail Air trainer frees your feet to strengthen under their own power. Its breathable, flex mesh fabric allows you to push harder and workout longer.

Our time with Mary Beth Prodromides, 4-time World CrossFit Masters Champion, shows just how much the Nutrail Air can achieve. She loved the way it felt like she wasn't wearing shoes; they became an extension of her feet, allowing her to effortlessly hop from dumbbells to pull-ups to box jumps. While weightlifting, the flat, stable soles provided her stability, and the wide toe box allowed her toes to spread, increasing grip and confidence whenever raising the bar.

Lightweight footwear for women, lets you reach new heights

When her training was finished, she wore her SOMs outside of the gym: running errands, walking about town, going on hikes. She didn’t want to take them off; she would have worn them to bed if she could. The full range of places and activities SOM Footwear takes her means her feet are getting stronger with every step.

Strength from the Ground Up

Feet are our foundation. They connect us to our goals and support us in our challenges. We believe feet are happiest and healthiest when less is standing in their way. Traditional athletic footwear weighs exercise down by over-engineering our natural step. We didn’t need arch-support, elevated heels, or tapered toe boxes when we took our first running steps, and we at SOM Footwear are driven to reconnect others with their true sense of motion. Our feet can do so much if left to bend and spread and move on their own.

The Nutrail Air ensures that every workout, no matter what area is being targeted, the feet are getting stronger simultaneously.

Follow this link to see the Nutrail Air in action and order the perfect Made in America trainer recommended by a champion and designed for male and female athletes.



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