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We strongly believe that continuous improvement applies to all aspects of a company, not just the production line. With all of the new changes happening at SOM Footwear, we wanted to share that we have updated our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.  Customer satisfaction is our priority and we have updated some of our policies to better serve you.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We proudly hand-make each pair of shoes in our factory in Colorado and stand behind the quality of our product.  Many of our customers already know and love the SOM experience, but for those ordering for the first time, we are committed to making the decision to try SOMs as easy as possible.  We offer our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee so our customers are comfortable and confident when ordering our shoes online.  As part of that Guarantee, we have recently updated our exchange and return policies to be more clear and inclusive, keeping it simple to place your order with SOM Footwear.

When your SOMs arrive, we want you to be sure that they are the SOMs for you. We encourage you to try them on, wear them around the house, let your toes experience the freedom of a roomy toe box.  While your SOMs are perfect for many different activities, we ask that you do not wear your new pair outside of your home until you are certain that they are the ones for you.  We offer free exchanges and returns within 30 days when you return your SOMs in the original, unused condition.  If your SOMs have gone on an excursion outside, been used heavily indoors, or show any signs of wear, we will not be able to process an exchange or return.

As craftsmen who are passionate about the quality of our work, we have honored an unspoken warranty from the beginning. We strive to use high quality materials in combination with responsible manufacturing processes and stand behind our American made shoes with confidence. To learn more about our official warranty and updated policies (including shipping information) here.

Referral Program Return Policies

In short, SOMos are a community and we are continuously looking for ways to better serve you. As always, your feedback is important to us.  Feel free to reach out with comments or concerns.  We look forward to taking new orders very soon!


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