Resoling: Behind the Scenes

We often get our best ideas from our customers.  One of our first SOM-os came to us with a concern:  he loved his SOMs and wanted to keep wearing his current pair, but the tread on the soles was nearly gone.  Olie was able to determine a resoling process that maintained the qualities the original sole offered so the shoe remained light and zero drop.  He knew that this customer would not be the only one who may need resoling services in the future.  That’s when SOM Footwear decided to offer resoling on all of our shoes.

When Olie starts the design for each model of SOM Footwear, he considers the different activities and terrains that every pair may encounter.  No matter the use (casual or active), Olie makes a point to select high-quality materials, paying special attention to the sole. The sole has to be light and flexible. These factors help the foot to maintain natural movement and to keep the shoe lightweight.  The sole of the shoe receives the most impact and is one of the first places that will begin to show signs of wear.

Resole: Too muchResole: Just RightResoling: Too Little
Left: too much wear; Center: just the right amount of wear; Right: too little wear

How can you tell if your SOMs are ready for a new sole? Some key signs are when you can’t read the Vibram logo, when the edges are wearing close to the band/wall of the shoes, or when the sole is slick from lack of tread.  It is difficult to resole SOMs if the soles have holes in them, so be sure to catch it early! The best way to tell that you are ready for a resole is to email us a picture at—we’ll be able to review it for you.

Once we confirm that your SOMs are ready for a resole, we make it easy!  In our shop, just add "Resoling" to your cart.  Then all you have to do is send your well-loved pair to us. As you’d expect, we appreciate when SOMs come to us freshly washed; just toss your pair in the washing machine on a cold cycle with gentle soap, and then let them air dry.  Resoling is also available for customers on their first pair for $35.  For our customers who own more than one pair of SOMs, we offer resoling free of charge as part our repeat customer benefits (send us an email for your discount code).

Resoling Remove tread

When your worn SOMs* arrive in Montrose, the first step is to completely remove the remaining tread on the soles to create an even, flat surface.  A new 5mm Vibram sole is then bonded to the newly smoothed surface.  The glue is then set to cure overnight to ensure the best possible hold.

* Update: In 2018 we switched from Vibram to a new branded sole that provides a better wear than the previous soling material. We can still resole your shoes; the resoling process is the same as described above.

Resoling: glue

Afterwards, new insoles are added before the refreshed SOMs are packaged up and sent back to the owner.  It is best to allow two weeks for resoling, though the process is often completed sooner, depending on our production schedule.

New sole

Thanks to our customers informing us of their needs, resoling is a service that we are proud to offer today.  We are glad to extend the life of our shoes and keep our SOM-os’ feet happily in their favorite pairs.  


  • Hi John,

    We are happy to be able to offer our free resoling to our repeat customers. It’s a small way of saying “thank you” for your business. I’ll be glad to follow up with an email getting you all the information.

    SOM Team

    SOM Team
  • HI!

    I have two pairs of the original style, black SOMS (love ‘em) and two pairs of the current style Norwoods (haven’t worn them outdoors yet, although they’re even more comfortable than the originals). I guess that makes me a repeater. Both pairs of originals have gone slick at the ball of the foot and the heel and look prime for resoling. I’m sheepish about taking advantage of SOMS: still, would you email me the discount code?

    Thank you!

    John C Lindgren

    John C Lindgren
  • Cathy,

    Some pairs can be resoled multiple times, but it is best to check with us. Feel free to send us an email with photos when you’re ready and we’ll get you the information you need.

    As far as the toe spring goes, our current models have generally the same amount as our previous models (though they may look a bit different in photos!). The new models, however, are more soft and flexible, making reducing the toe spring even further.

    If you have any more questions, get in touch!
    SOM Team

    SOM Team
  • Will you resole a pair of shoes a second time? I love my black fabric shoes with the red flowers.

    Also, does the new Norwood have more toe spring than the older models? Does the other new model have less toe spring?

    Many thanks,

    Cathy W

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