Save and Relax on an Epic Staycation

The next vacation your SOM shoes take you on can reach the far edges of the globe, but with staycations more popular than ever, how can you make the most of staying close to home? Our past blogs explored epic walking vacations around the world, and now we present ideas for creating your own epic SOM staycation.

Why staycation?

The Vacationer surveyed over 1,000 Americans over the age of 18 about their thoughts on staycations and whether they’d consider taking one this year. Of the respondents, over 67 percent of those surveyed said they already have or are planning a staycation. If you apply that percentage to the entire population of the U.S., about 173 million people are planning on taking a staycation this year.” (

Save more ways than one on a staycation.

  • As inflation continues to drive up gas prices and hotel stays, the chance to save hundreds to thousands of dollars by enjoying your own backyard is greater than ever.
  • Lessen your carbon footprint by skipping the high emissions of airplane travel.
  • With the Covid-19 virus surging overseas and in dense cities, many vacationers are choosing to stay home to avoid getting sick.
  • With staffing shortages, bad weather, and overbooked flights, a staycation avoids the lost time and frustration caused from cancellations or missed connections.
  • Creating your epic staycation, helps support small businesses and tourist destinations in your community. You may find hidden local gems that become lasting memories. From campsites, hiking trails, main street restaurants, and local concerts, museums, and fairs, the more you participate in your community, the stronger you make our independent, homegrown businesses. 

    When you protect the environment, your health, community, and bank account, you afford new vacation opportunities. By saving on things like “gas prices and flights can mean longer trips, better accommodations or more money funneled towards experiences, tours and food, which can all enhance the quality of your trip, no matter if the destination’s only 50 miles from home.” (

    Staycation Ideas to Make Your Own

    With all the advantages of planning your personal staycation, what ideas can help you get the metaphorical ball rolling on?

    • Research your city or town’s local events to see what entertainment is coming soon and incorporate it into your staycation.
    • Find nearby camping locations or camp in your backyard or indoors. Growing up, it would get too cold to camp in our backyard, many of my favorite memories were spent setting up a big tent indoors and having movie nights.
    • Go on epic walking close to home. There are trails and hiking paths no matter where you live. Use websites like, to find what’s available in your neck of the woods.
    • Be a tourist in your hometown. As we mentioned earlier, there are local museums, restaurants, and businesses throughout every community, and by treating your town like a visitor, you can explore and find new places you may have missed.
    • Rent a nearby Airbnb. There are unique rental vacation homes in every city, big and small. From a place along the beach to a cabin in the woods to a house converted out of a ferry boat. If you’re not spending on airline tickets, you can put those savings into an epic stay in a one-of-a-kind location.

      These ideas are a start, but what makes staycations truly special is the control you have over the experience.

      Make it Yours

      The greatest value that comes from any staycation is that each one is a unique adventure tailored to the interests and desires of those participating. It is yours to shape however you wish. Play, relax, explore, relax, hike, eat, relax in whatever order, for however long as you wish. Instead of rushing to fit dozens of activities into a limited amount of time (resulting in a vacation that needs a vacation afterwards) you set the pace.

      When you control the pace, you control your comfort, and SOM Footwear puts your comfort first by making zero drop, wide toe-box shoes in America for strengthening your feet one step at a time. Whether you choose camping, hiking, playing, or chilling, your next staycation in SOMs will treat your feet to lightweight, flexible sneakers for any setting or activity.

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