Feb News: Be an Inspiration - Mid-Top Graciano - Call to the Medical Field and more

This month, we are opening up to the simple basics of being active and healthy. The SOM Community is inspiring people to go out and play. When more people aspire to be healthier, the world changes for the better and it starts with happier feet. Also included:  

  • The Graciano, the incredibly comfortable urban activity mid-top model;
  • Videos of shoe manufacturing at the factory;
  • Call out to professionals in the medical field (nurses, doctors, surgeons, etc.)
  • The changes to the Survey Giveaway Rewards.
  • Upcoming break

The Graciano has a notch higher in terms of comfort for a mid-top casual shoe.

The Graciano Converts People to Mid-tops!

The Graciano is now in production at full speed, and there are no delays in getting your hands on a pair. Since its launch, the Graciano has become really popular. We've received feedback that they are extremely lightweight and feel like you're walking barefoot. That is the comment we often receive, but those Gracianos have it a notch higher in terms of comfort for a mid-top casual shoe. It converts the non-mid-top person!

Order by Feb. 20, before the maintenance break!

Our shoemaker became obsessed with the weight, making his lightest model to date. We like to joke that a size 8.5 Men's Graciano is lighter than a banana, weighing only 229 grams, and it is true! The upper material is soft and flexible, making the Graciano very comfortable. The stylish vintage look is due to the synthetic vegan upper material, making it look cool and classy. It comes in two colors: Vintage Steel Blue and Vintage Slate. Don't wait - order your pair today.

The shoemaker became obsessed with the shoe weight. Graciano is lighter than a banana

Click here to watch the video

Go Out and Play: Happier Feet do more

SOM Footwear’s main message has been simple these past ten years: Go Out and Play. We believe that if your feet are happy, you will be unstoppable. Our customers have taught us much more as the years have gone by. The testimonials we receive regularly reinforce and support this belief as well. 

Go Out and Play. We believe that if your feet are happy, you will be unstoppable.

We are hearing that everyone who is more comfortable in their shoes takes their life to the next level. They do more in their community, at work, with their family, etc.

“Give your best, people; you never know who you are inspiring today.” Faith Williams

A dear coach we had at Gold Gym years ago said (actually, I mean yelled) during a workout: “Give your best, people; you never know who you are inspiring today.” We know that many of you are surpassing yourselves in whatever you do without noticing that you are an inspiration to someone else. Thank you for doing your best to be more active and involved daily.

“Give your best, people; you never know who you are inspiring today.” Faith Williams

Be active and stay healthy

First of all, what does being active even mean? Does it mean running a marathon every month - not kidding, our friend Bill ran a marathon every week in a different National Park for eighteen months - hitting the gym six days a week at full intensity or simply walking to the end of the driveway and back?

what does being active even mean? Does it mean running a marathon every month?

Personal goals and capabilities define the notion of being active for each individual. If a person's goal is to be as fit as possible, he or she will have to train as hard as possible (without skipping rest days) to achieve that goal. On the other hand, if another person simply wants to be and stay healthy, the physical activities won't have to be as intense. 

Either way, at SOM, we believe that the trick to success of that definition is consistency and, more importantly, always having fun! 

Longevity goes with fun. We can't force ourselves to do something for a long time and become good at it if we don't enjoy it. It just doesn't work that way. One thing to keep in mind is that the only bad workout is the one we don't do. If you are just beginning to return to being active, start slow, with constant frequency, and have fun! 

Quote: The only bad workout is the one we don't do.

What does being healthy mean?

To answer this question simply, without digging up what the World Health Organization's definition is, staying healthy means that you enjoy your daily life to the best of your ability and help others out when you can.

We feel grateful when we learn that one more person has rediscovered their sense of motion with SOM Footwear and is enjoying an active life. We always look forward to learning more about you every day. Whatever you do, keep it up, have fun, and stay healthy. It's the best investment.

Tell us your sense of motion

The next to be retiring

We are announcing that the next model to be retired will be the Urban Trekker Burgundy. Some people have mentioned they would like the Graciano in that color, which is possible until supply lasts. Send us an email (somteam@somfootwear), and we’ll make that happen for you.

Next to retire vegan sneaker Urban Trekker Burgundy

A call to all customers in the medical field

We deliver a high-quality product that serves all kinds of professionals. The medical profession is dear to our hearts, and so, if you are a SOM wearer and work in the medical field, spending long days or nights on shifts, we want to get connected with you. We’d like to know how your SOMs are serving you, what model you are wearing while doing your work, and if there is something we could do to improve the product to facilitate your life. Please send us an email at somteam@somfootwear.com.

A call to Medical Field

Glimpse of SOM Manufacturing videos

The following videos show some manufacturing processes for those who can’t visit our Colorado shoe factory. This question comes often: Do you really make shoes in Colorado? Please believe us; we do!

SOM Footwear soling process with the pillow press

SOM Footwear soling process with the pillow press. (Video)

SOM Footwear CNC Cutting Table

SOM Footwear CNC cutting table (video)

SOM Footwear strobel process

 SOM Footwear strobel process (video)

Survey Giveaway Winners and changes 

Keep contributing to our survey with your contagious enthusiasm. It makes us smile and grow. You are awesSOMe.

The winners are:

  1. Ryan F. from Westlake Village, CA
  2. Larry C. from Red Deer, AB - Canada
  3. Jeannine C. from El Paso, TX

Each winner will get a $20 gift certificate emailed to them individually. 

We are in the regrettable position of having to remove the last part of the winners’ prizes, which was to add an extra little surprise gift to the order. We realized we were missing orders using the certificate code and not adding a surprise gift to the order as promised. It turns out that the two systems we use (fulfillment and funds captured) do not blend well for this purpose. We regret the disappointment it has caused to our previous winners who we missed. We won’t be able to send a surprising gift to our survey winners when they use their $20 gift certificate. Rest assured that your survey answers are valuable to us and we keep reading them and taking notes along the way.

Upcoming Maintenance Break

SOM Footwear will be closed from February 28 to March 12 inclusively. It’s that time of year when we need to get some equipment tuned up and for us to fully recharge. Order by Feb 20 to guarantee receiving your shoes in time. We will do our best to fulfill all orders until our break. Your understanding is well appreciated!

March 2024 upcoming break

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