Custom Fabric Disclaimer

Wondering how to pick out the perfect fabric? Here are a few guidelines-

-Recommended Fabric:
• Canvas 5oz. - 8 oz.
• Cordura 250 or 500 denier
• Gortex 2 or 3 ply
• Any woven cotton*
*any fabric that you choose MUST be woven. KNIT FABRIC is NOT RECOMMENDED because it is too stretchy and less resistant. Any woven fabric can work, but the heavier the fabric, the stronger and more rigid it will be. 

-Fabric can be purchased at any craft or hobby store, or online (we encourage you to shop small, and buy local/ American made goods!)

-When choosing a pattern for your shoes, please keep in mind that the fabric will need to be cut, and some of the fabric will be covered by other elements of the shoe. We recommend that you choose a fabric with design elements smaller than 1" x 1".

Marijuana leaf shoes, Rastafarian. Marijuana leaf shoes, Rastafarian.
Above: Smaller, more continuous pattens work better than larger, more spaced out ones.

Find your favorite pattern and send 24” x 24” of the fabric to:

SOM Footwear
1006 N Cascade Ave.
Montrose, CO 81401

You must include your name and order number on a sheet of paper with your fabric. 


-If the material we receive is not suitable or does not meet our recommended fabric guidelines, we will notify you via email. We will not be able to return the fabric to you, but we will issue you a refund within 30 days of placing your order.

-SOM Footwear is not responsible for lost or damaged material during the shipping or production process. 

-Due to the nature of custom made goods, custom made shoes CANNOT be returned or exchanged (our wonderfully talented Design & Production Team will always use their best judgement when deciding where to cut and arrange the fabric for your shoes). Depending on the size of the shoe you order, we may have enough fabric left over to make you a new pair in your desired size. In this case, we will give you a $5 discount on the second pair if ordered within 30 days of the original delivery.

-Photos of your shoes may be used anonymously by the SOM Team as examples or promotional materials.